Disney World’s Top 5 Roller Coasters 

  1. Soarin’, Epcot
  2. Expedition Everest, Animal Kingdom
  3. Test Track, Epcot
  4. Tower of Terror, Hollywood Studios
  5. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Magic Kingdom ​

La Jolla, California & What It Taught Me About Love

Oh California, so enchanting! What a starling and awe-inspiring place. Where people who don’t know one another and no matter what the color/race, religion, political view, annual income/financial bracket or sexual orientation, see each other as equal human beings who are all in the same planet seeking the pursuit of happiness.

Magic in its finest purity! Is the only way that I can describe La Jolla. From the moment we approached the town I immediately begin to gasp in admiration. With its up and downhill roads at Village of La Jolla, it gives you the most exciting and overwhelming beach town welcome with its amazing ocean view, a vast variety of authentic dinning options on Prospect Street Its gorgeous homes and amazing beaches, La Jolla was the star and highlight of our Southern California road trip. Walking the downtown area on La Jolla Shores Drive, Coast Blvd. and Prospect Street is a must when in town. Explore the the promenade area on Coast Blvd. and you are sure to find one of the fines beaches in the States at La Jolla Cove and La Jolla Cave with an astonishing view of Seals Sun Bathing on the Beach! When in La Jolla the Coast Walk Trail , off of Coast Blvd. is the most amazing location to see the coast line, cliffs and perfect for some amazing/neat travel/holiday photo shots. The beauty of the town starts with its people, completely happy, openminded, grateful human beings

who just want to habit the earth and enjoy its beauty like the rest of us, in peace and harmony. It is a common thing see admirers sitting either by the pier or on the beach looking into the turquoise pacific ocean water, enjoying the view of Seals sunning, hiking to explore the local caves, surfing, swimming, diving, day camping, or just simply and oh so beautifully enjoying conversations with one another. The landscape of The Village of La Jolla is very unique in my opinion. With its endless cliff ocean side it is instantly breathtaking and admirable in its natural beauty.

I did have the pleasure and honor of meeting friends locally who have lived there some time. They took the time to show us around La Jolla Shores, Mt. Soledad and through the gas lamp district in San Diego. After touring this amazing city and meeting its amazing people I immediately began to understand the concept of living, of just being, enjoying and truly living in the moment. Not in distress of what tomorrow will bring or the ramifications today’s action have on tomorrow; but in the pleasure and delight of really living every second of your life, of you day.

As we sat by a pier at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography the light show began, fireworks began to glisten over the La Jolla Shoreline and San Diego skyline and mountain tops. It was at this very moment that I came to the realization of how beautiful life can truly be. Not just because we were in California enjoying a wonderful adventure filled holiday, but because I just let go… For that moment I just let go of of the past and was truly enjoying the present in its fullest potential. It was this moment that a fell in love again. Not with anyone, but with life. Accepting that life’s imperfections are what makes it worth living and what makes you appreciate those truly perfect moments that we do experience everyday. And yes, it took being in a magical place to come to this realization, but sometimes all we need is a reminder of how beautiful life can be so we can let go and begin to live again, and that’s ok.

Once the firework was finished we began to head by to our cars and call it a nite, when all of a sudden we see an impromptu beach party of complete strangers who’ve decided to enjoy each others company, live through music with neighbors and also complete strangers who like them are just simply seeking the pursuit of happiness. To me, life doesn’t get more beautiful and/or meaningful than this. Thank you La Jolla.

Barcelona & Beyond


As I develop my blueprint to Barcelona I realized how centrally located the city is and its proximity to many beautiful villages along Costa Brava, Mediterranean Sea. I started looking into southeaster France, comparing modes of transportation with cost and I must say I am amazed at how affordable and doable it will be to wonder off Costa Brava.  I started looking into TGV and Rail Europe schedules from Barcelona to southeastern France. Turns out some towns in southeastern France are as close a two hour train ride!  There are just so many quaint and beautiful small villages… Sete, Bezeiers, Montepellier, Bamyuls-s-mur, Collioure and Remy-de-Provence.


In the Costa Brava coast along Spain I have found Cadaques.  An attractive little town that is filled with charm.   I stumbled upon it as I researched Picasso and learned more about his life and personal journeys.  Cadaques was one of towns he chose to summer in.   The town is beautiful, very close to Barcelona and filled with history and culture. Finding this gem so close to Barcelona made me wonder off into other towns.  Among other things, this beautiful beach town village is filled with color and art.


Next and my last tentative stop will be Collioure, France.  What a spectacular little village!  Cannot wait to set my bare feet into its beautiful beach. Sad I won’t get to see their Saint Vincent Festival, but oh so looking forward to walking those wonderful little streets.  With its wealthy artistic history and its mountain vines, this quaint little village will be sure to surprise me in many ways! Very please with my itinerary and longing to explore Barcelona and beyond.  This little adventure of mine is already becoming a life changing event and I love it!

How to Backpack in Style

If you checked out my vlog last week you know I have decided to stay in a hostel instead of a hotel and it is now booked! So cool!  It’s a couple city blocks away from Bari Gotic, Barcelona’s gothic quarters. Super exciting since it’s such a central location and close to so many sites I’ve plan to see.
Nowonderlust filled annaw it dawns on me that I need to start planning out the specifics of this wonder filled adventure of mine…   I am NOT a light packer, so first on my to do list is to figure out which carry on is most convenient, comfortable and compact for me and my needs.   I can’t afford to loose my luggage so I don’t want to check anything in.   I contemplated between a small rolling carry on vs a backpack, but a backpack makes more sense for my travels since I hope and plan to add a few more stops to my itenerary in my upcoming voyage to Spain.  Barcelona is so close to southeastern France and accessible by the TGV train that it would just take two to three hours to travel there.  I’m not sure if I will stay overnight in France so a backpack is more convenient and practical for this open-ended journey.
As I searched online for different backpacks I ran into a ton of options, but they were mostly very masculine which is not what I’m going for.  I want a backpack, but I do want to be a bit stylish and feminine which brought me to #travelfashiongirl.  What a neat blog!  Excactly what I needed to help guide me in finding the essentials to pack smart and with style, you go girl!  If like me, you have decided to live your dream of traveling the world this site is super helpful for wonderlust filled women, I highly recommend you check her out.  For ideas on what clothing to bring and how to minimize my packing I found #herpackinglist to be helpful, check it out.
After looking at many options, I’ve decided on an Osprey Backpack, the Aura 65 seems to have everything I’m looking for.  They had several color options, but this teal was my fave.  It’s stylish, colorful and very durable so I can use it for all my future trekking ventures.  The price is on the high end, but I plan to use it pretty frequently so it made more sense for me to invest in better quality gear.   After checking out #travelfashiongirl and #herpackinglist I realize I have much more to plan out than just my choice of carry on luggage… I’ll be needing gadgets and day to day essentials which for a woman is always a very long almost never ending list.  How will I condense this to a smart and useful list?  I have no idea… Off I go to putting that together now.  @annaswonderlust http://www.annaswonderlust.com

Is this alright?

As I bite my nails out of excitement after booking a very spontaneous flight to Barcelona all I could think of is what am I getting myself into?  I’m not suppose to do this?  This is not what I do.   I’m a mom, I’m a wife, I’m a worker… what was I thinking? And to top it off I’m going alone?  This is not alright…
And then I look over my madness of guides and maps and see the unexpected. My son helping me map out the towns and cities I should visit.  His smile, his joy and excitement…who would’ve imagined? Then I realized that he’s just showing me he is happy and excited for me.  How deep is that!  Here I was so nervous, doubting myself, thinking I was being selfish or that maybe it was just not the right time to do this, to pursue this dream of mine.  But what perfect way to put a stamp on this wonderlust of mine than this?!  He is happy to see his mother find herself, find the other things in life that also make her happy.  Without even thinking of it, I am teaching my son one of life’s most important lessons, to live your dreams. mapping it out