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La Jolla, California & What It Taught Me About Love

Oh California, so enchanting! What a starling and awe-inspiring place. Where people who don’t know one another and no matter what the color/race, religion, political view, annual income/finan…

Source: La Jolla, California & What It Taught Me About Love

La Jolla, California & What It Taught Me About Love

Oh California, so enchanting! What a starling and awe-inspiring place. Where people who don’t know one another and no matter what the color/race, religion, political view, annual income/financial bracket or sexual orientation, see each other as equal human beings who are all in the same planet seeking the pursuit of happiness.

Magic in its finest purity! Is the only way that I can describe La Jolla. From the moment we approached the town I immediately begin to gasp in admiration. With its up and downhill roads at Village of La Jolla, it gives you the most exciting and overwhelming beach town welcome with its amazing ocean view, a vast variety of authentic dinning options on Prospect Street Its gorgeous homes and amazing beaches, La Jolla was the star and highlight of our Southern California road trip. Walking the downtown area on La Jolla Shores Drive, Coast Blvd. and Prospect Street is a must when in town. Explore the the promenade area on Coast Blvd. and you are sure to find one of the fines beaches in the States at La Jolla Cove and La Jolla Cave with an astonishing view of Seals Sun Bathing on the Beach! When in La Jolla the Coast Walk Trail , off of Coast Blvd. is the most amazing location to see the coast line, cliffs and perfect for some amazing/neat travel/holiday photo shots. The beauty of the town starts with its people, completely happy, openminded, grateful human beings

who just want to habit the earth and enjoy its beauty like the rest of us, in peace and harmony. It is a common thing see admirers sitting either by the pier or on the beach looking into the turquoise pacific ocean water, enjoying the view of Seals sunning, hiking to explore the local caves, surfing, swimming, diving, day camping, or just simply and oh so beautifully enjoying conversations with one another. The landscape of The Village of La Jolla is very unique in my opinion. With its endless cliff ocean side it is instantly breathtaking and admirable in its natural beauty.

I did have the pleasure and honor of meeting friends locally who have lived there some time. They took the time to show us around La Jolla Shores, Mt. Soledad and through the gas lamp district in San Diego. After touring this amazing city and meeting its amazing people I immediately began to understand the concept of living, of just being, enjoying and truly living in the moment. Not in distress of what tomorrow will bring or the ramifications today’s action have on tomorrow; but in the pleasure and delight of really living every second of your life, of you day.

As we sat by a pier at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography the light show began, fireworks began to glisten over the La Jolla Shoreline and San Diego skyline and mountain tops. It was at this very moment that I came to the realization of how beautiful life can truly be. Not just because we were in California enjoying a wonderful adventure filled holiday, but because I just let go… For that moment I just let go of of the past and was truly enjoying the present in its fullest potential. It was this moment that a fell in love again. Not with anyone, but with life. Accepting that life’s imperfections are what makes it worth living and what makes you appreciate those truly perfect moments that we do experience everyday. And yes, it took being in a magical place to come to this realization, but sometimes all we need is a reminder of how beautiful life can be so we can let go and begin to live again, and that’s ok.

Once the firework was finished we began to head by to our cars and call it a nite, when all of a sudden we see an impromptu beach party of complete strangers who’ve decided to enjoy each others company, live through music with neighbors and also complete strangers who like them are just simply seeking the pursuit of happiness. To me, life doesn’t get more beautiful and/or meaningful than this. Thank you La Jolla.

Thank You Barcelona!

IMG_1390What I  want to share in this blog  today is that I have had a very heavy heart these past week weeks as well. In the mist of planning my voyage and this wonderful experience my mother-in-law has also become very ill. I admire this woman very much so it’s been very humbling, she is truly the strongest woman I have ever met both physically and emotionally. I only wish I could bring her with me… Her life journey and strength is reminding me to do things “my way” as she would proudly say, but now more than ever. As we talk and discuss life I truly see how much women sacrifice for everyone and my goodness how honorable to do it with so much grace! I only hope to be half as strong as her in life and feel so blessed to be her friend.

I plan to enjoy my adventure whole heartedly and I truly have fallen in love with it! I enjoy writing in a way I haven’t since a little girl. Life at times has a way of tarnishing dreams and life goals as much as being amazing. I remember sitting as a little girl in my dad’s farm in the Dominican Republic writing poems, writing ideas of what I wanted to do and be as an adult. Then my parents separated very abruptly and my childhood filled with dreams, joy and a strong sense of security suddenly became a fight for survival…It’s all a very long story… But I now understand how my secure space out of no where was non existent and that it effected me deeply and made me leave a big part of my shining soul in that farm, in that amazing place; but my mother-in-law’s strength and this trip are teaching me that it is time to move on. Writing was liberating to me, starting this blog has truly brought Annamaria back to Anna. I feel myself in a way I haven’t in decades, true to me, true to what and who I am, confident and true to my soul! Barcelona in a very strange way you are helping me move forward, teaching me to leave hurt behind and to learn from the past and never look back! To be strong again and to do it with grace and honor as my mother-in-law did and continues to do. Thank you Barcelona for reigniting this fire in my soul!