Wanderlust You

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…img_0150


Barcelona & Beyond


As I develop my blueprint to Barcelona I realized how centrally located the city is and its proximity to many beautiful villages along Costa Brava, Mediterranean Sea. I started looking into southeaster France, comparing modes of transportation with cost and I must say I am amazed at how affordable and doable it will be to wonder off Costa Brava.  I started looking into TGV and Rail Europe schedules from Barcelona to southeastern France. Turns out some towns in southeastern France are as close a two hour train ride!  There are just so many quaint and beautiful small villages… Sete, Bezeiers, Montepellier, Bamyuls-s-mur, Collioure and Remy-de-Provence.


In the Costa Brava coast along Spain I have found Cadaques.  An attractive little town that is filled with charm.   I stumbled upon it as I researched Picasso and learned more about his life and personal journeys.  Cadaques was one of towns he chose to summer in.   The town is beautiful, very close to Barcelona and filled with history and culture. Finding this gem so close to Barcelona made me wonder off into other towns.  Among other things, this beautiful beach town village is filled with color and art.


Next and my last tentative stop will be Collioure, France.  What a spectacular little village!  Cannot wait to set my bare feet into its beautiful beach. Sad I won’t get to see their Saint Vincent Festival, but oh so looking forward to walking those wonderful little streets.  With its wealthy artistic history and its mountain vines, this quaint little village will be sure to surprise me in many ways! Very please with my itinerary and longing to explore Barcelona and beyond.  This little adventure of mine is already becoming a life changing event and I love it!

Is this alright?

As I bite my nails out of excitement after booking a very spontaneous flight to Barcelona all I could think of is what am I getting myself into?  I’m not suppose to do this?  This is not what I do.   I’m a mom, I’m a wife, I’m a worker… what was I thinking? And to top it off I’m going alone?  This is not alright…
And then I look over my madness of guides and maps and see the unexpected. My son helping me map out the towns and cities I should visit.  His smile, his joy and excitement…who would’ve imagined? Then I realized that he’s just showing me he is happy and excited for me.  How deep is that!  Here I was so nervous, doubting myself, thinking I was being selfish or that maybe it was just not the right time to do this, to pursue this dream of mine.  But what perfect way to put a stamp on this wonderlust of mine than this?!  He is happy to see his mother find herself, find the other things in life that also make her happy.  Without even thinking of it, I am teaching my son one of life’s most important lessons, to live your dreams. mapping it out